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"...this is intelligent pop music with a dramatic flourish that doesn't seem to give a damn about coolness, instead concentrating on the lost art of writing relatable lyrics, a bloody good melody and, of course, remembering to include plenty of catchy choruses."


"I have an abundance of songs at the moment. It’s probably the easiest part of the job for me..."

- Jake Hardman

Jake Hardman is a young chamber pop artist from Manchester, UK. who decided to go solo in 2019 after several years playing in local bands. With a variety of genres and instrumentation, there's a song for everyone in Hardman’s catalogue.

Jake often creates fictional characters that he weaves into everyday situations in his lyrically rich songs. Joyous, multi-layered vocals are accompanied by complex arrangements, interesting chord progressions and time signatures. If you hear brass in his songs, synth it's not - it's the real deal. Long time friend and talented session musician, Joe Cockx, lends his talents to Jake's recordings, as does drummer/percussionist, Tom Wildgust.

It’s often said that Jake writes upbeat and happy sounding music but it regularly accompanies somewhat dark narrative undertones in his lyrics. These frequently call to mind songs from Neil Hannon's The Divine Comedy, by his own admission one of Jake's favourite bands and main influences.

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